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In the final semester of one's training at Marymount Manhattan College, performance students who are not pursuing minors in Musical Theatre complete a class called: Business of Acting. It is in this class that each of us aims to "reinvent the wheel" in so many words. To take our training and our artistry and apply it to the new idea that each and every one of us is not only artists but ENTREPRENEURS and we must learn how to successfully open a startup. Through seminars, alumni panels, and self-reflection we got one step closer to braving "the real world". However, the culminating step was the most hands-on we could get. Thanks to Actors Connection we each presented a scene for Agents and Casting Directors, received feedback and participated in an information session. 


My scene partner, Matthew Zimmerman, and I presented a scene from Sarah Treem's A Feminine Ending. Through this piece, we were able to navigate history without getting trapped by sentimentality, stakes with an air of casualness and most of all what it means to have and to lose dreams. It was a huge success and a wonderful learning opportunity thanks to the kindness of all of the industry professionals! 



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