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Andie Lerner is a New York based theatre maker originally from Denver, Colorado. She grew up with two older sisters and two pseudo siblings putting on high quality, medium budget, and low stress productions in a living room every New Years Eve (Scene Steelers Productions forever!!) Her DIY shows and her annual summer-long commitments to the Education Department at Denver Center for the Performing Arts encouraged her theatrical spirit and she was hungry for more. Denver School of the Arts, a rigorous arts magnet school, was where she found it, studying Theatre from 6th-12th grade. It was here that she discovered the depth of the theatrical universe and the various roles within the world where she could find satisfaction.

Each show that came her way she found herself in a new position from acting, stage crew, dramaturgy, house management and of course directing. She then continued her studies at  Marymount Manhattan College where she graduated with a BFA in Acting and Directing and a minor in Arts for Communities. That's a mouthful, and seems like a theatre overload, but that’s the way Andie likes it. Since the initial commitment to a “Theatre major” at the age of 11, not a day has gone by where she has not participated in the act of creating theatre. Through her years of studying and experimenting with various positions in wild projects she has found that although Acting and Directing are her standout passions, the act of making theatre in a collaborative environment is her passion amongst all else. She is there to serve the story. 

As a maker she is dedicated to narrative. Whether or not through a realistic perspective, she is dedicated to the investigation into storytelling. Why do stories get told? Who gets to tell them? And to whom? She believes that collaboration is the strongest tool to answering these questions. As a director she opens up the space for all members of the team to creatively problem solve through devising and strong research tools. As an actor she applies these same techniques to delve deep into narrative structure and character development. No creator is anything without an ensemble, and whatever role she is satisfying, she is always focused on the success of the team and the common goal. 

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