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On May 18th I and about 500 of my classmates walked across the stage at Lincoln Center and received a piece of paper four years in the making..... a DIPLOMA! Well, quite honestly it was just the leather case (our diploma will come later). But at that moment our college career was crystallized. The sleepless nights, early mornings and for an actor in all sincerity, the blood, sweat, and tears had all been worth it. Not only were we now alumni but we had graduated with a degree from Marymount Manhattan College.


 MMC is a special place in which the artist, actor and human being all take the front seat. Our professors work towards forwarding our professional goals while never forgetting what makes us individuals. The unique professors is what leads to unique student body and alumni. 


At Marymount  I have been able to solidify my training in contemporary and classical Acting Technique, as well as Voice and Speech, Movement work, and Theatre History and Analysis. Following a four year trajectory of acting classes, with special topics and theory along the way I have built a foundation of training that will support my future goals. In my last semester I was able to take Dialects and Acting for the Camera. 


In addition to incredible Theatre training my college education has provided me the opportunity to explore the world through liberal arts classes. I am very dedicated to being a
knowledgable and well rounded artist, and person.

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